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Julie Twenty- Four Seven

Liquid Body Lufra

Liquid Body Lufra

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Liquid Body Lufra is an allover body exfoliate that gently eases away dead skin cells and excess oil to give your skin a healthy, polished appearance and feel. Liquid Body Lufra revitalizes skin, giving it a luminous glow.
  • Formulated without dyes or drying additives.

  • Revitalizing body cleanser with a formula specially designed to cleanse and moisturize and exfoliate.

  • Improves your skin's tone and texture with a refreshing combination of finely ground exfoliating walnut husks, gentle cleansers, and moisturizing aloe vera.

  • Rinses away clean without leaving a residue that can dry and irritate skin.

  • Incorporates finely ground walnut husks to provide essential exfoliation by gently working away surface impurities.

  • Contains the emollient glycerin to protect against moisture loss and keep your skin feeling soft and supple.

  • Safety-Dermatologist Tested.

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