About Me

Hi friend! I’m seriously so grateful you’re here! My name is Julie and I’ve been running my business for almost 4 years and absolutely love what I do AND these incredible products!

My background is 10 years in the Aviation Industry and prior was a Special Education Assistant. I loved what I did, but it really took me away from doing what I loved most, being a Grandmother to my 6 grandbabies and being present in their lives.

Thankfully a good friend introduced me to this business and it was the greatest gift! I’ve now retired from the Aviation industry and work this business full time and am a Grandma first!! 🫶🏼

I love helping people like you to feel and look your absolute best in your own skin and helping others find joy in their lives again! Thank you so much for trusting me and just know I don’t take it lightly!  

😘 Julie